John Lawrence, MD, MEd
Schaudhuri 2
Swapna Chaudhuri, MD, PhD

One of the important objectives of our committee is to introduce our membership to various technological tools that can assist anesthesiology educators and learners in enhancing medical education. To that end, we were privileged to conduct highly informative workshops during the spring and fall meetings in 2016, ranging from “Zoom” and “Hangouts” web conferencing apps to Gamify-ing clinical & classroom-based learning and ways to enhance our personal & professional “Cyber Security”. We intend to continue this important endeavor this year, and look forward to strong participation at our workshops again this year!

We are also thrilled to inform you that SEA-Q (Question of the Month) is going strong, thanks to excellent question submissions from members of our various committees. This online interactive educational activity, hosted on the home page of our SEA website, has been receiving increasing participation – even up to 150 respondents per question! We are extremely pleased to inform that thanks to this communal effort, we are now in the 22nd straight month of SEA-Q posting, which has produced a decent array of questions in the field of medical education. Please feel free to check them out regularly and frequently; we hope to continue increasing our valuable bank in the coming months.

Finally, and most importantly, it has been extremely exciting to welcome several new enthusiastic members into our committee, who are bringing forth fresh talent and ideas for our committee to work on. We hope to incorporate their suggestions into our future efforts on behalf of this awesome society.

  • Originally published April 26, 2017

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